Monday, March 24, 2008

Naughty Polly

I had a really really fun time at the trial last weekend.  The weather was nice, the courses were nice, the people were nice.  

Q-rate wise, Icon did OK with 2 Q's.  Both NQ's were my fault.  On his Sat Std I didn't support him enough in the weaves and on Sun JWW I took my eyes off of him and he went OC into a tunnel.  

Polly had a pretty good weekend going 3/4.  For that 4th one Polly was the naughtiest he has EVER been on course, though! Not only did he go OFF COURSE after a tunnel, he didn't hold his a-frame contact! I know that Kay told me I didn't call him when he was in the tunnel, but I sure did. I can hear it on the video. Now I think he's even MORE naughty! I'm glad I didn't get whistled off when I touched him on the table.

Apparently Polly had lots of fun on this run!

Polly's other memorable run of the weekend was Sunday JWW. The course was described by one competitor as being set up by a drunken sailor wandering around the course and randomly dropping bars. With Polly I did NINE front crosses on the course! That has to be a record for us! He ended up 2nd for this run behind Nancy and Ace, which is pretty awesome IMHO. He only got 12 points for the run, but I'm pretty happy with that considering how twisty it was!

Polly's Sunday Std run was nice. I like how he drove down on his dogwalk contact. His contacts looked really nice in this run. I probably could have held them a smidgen longer though.

Polly's Sat JWW course was nice but uneventful.

Icon's Sat Std run had a really wide turn out of the tunnel to the teeter, and then he didn't drive very well on the teeter (since I wasn't able to get ahead of him with the 90 turn to the weaves). I didn't like either of the parts of that run. His turn out of the tunnel to the table was nice though, and the rest of the run went well. Icon was first or second dog for every run this weekend except for Sat Std, which was a bit of a disadvantage for us since we weren't able to see the hidden traps, but I guess I shouldn't complain.

Icon's Sat JWW course was nice, it was a nice course. He was the first run of the day and ran clean but the timers didn't go off so we ran again. He dropped a bar the 2nd time around. We placed first on that run.

(video to be added)

I was happy with the turns in Icon's Sun JWW run (except for the turn where he went off course). I really wish we had run clean on this one because I would have loved to see his time. Anyway, he went off-course when I looked away from him, but I think he was a bit naughty to go to the tunnel cause I sure wasn't heading towards it. But I think this is when the tunnel send can bite you in the butt. Quite often with our dogs we will verbally indicate the tunnel yet our motion will go another way so we can get into place. I wouldn't be surprised if that is what he thought I was doing. Ah well. He also missed the weave entry, but I was pushing him to see if he could get it without me hanging back. Apparently he can't!

Icon's Sat Std run was pretty nice. He came 2nd to Aiko but a very small amount. I didn't see Aiko's run, but I'm curious to know if she stopped him on contacts. I stopped Icon, but it was pretty brief (ok, the a-frame was very brief). I was pretty happy with his turns on this run, although the wrap around to the aframe could have been a bit nicer. I think I should have started running sooner.

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