Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The best laid plans go oft awry

Well I didn't have the BEST laid plans. But I did plan on making dinner, finishing my laundry and packing the car. I'm just glad I'm coming home tomorrow night because I would have a lot more to do tonight if I wasn't.

As it is I should be sleeping right now. According to plan... But I'm sitting up worrying about Polly and wonding if he's going to puke again. At least he finally laid down.

"What did Polly do to make you worry?" you ask? Well I will share.

About a week ago a package of 120 count glycoflex softchews arrived at my door. I am not out of my last bunch yet so I didn't bother opening them. They were packaged pretty well! Instead I put them on my kitchen table, where they sat for almost exactly 7 days.

Today I came home to find diarrhea on the kitchen floor and the 120 glycoflex softchews eaten. I cleaned up the mess and yelled at Polly (I don't ususally get mad at him, but I will admit to being pissed and yelling). But then... THEN... I walked around the house. I found puke in the livingroom (underneath a spare kitchen chair that I had stuck in a corner... how did he manage that?) and behind the coffee table another pile of mucous-y poop. And in the spare bedroom there was a glaze of diarrhea (or puke, it was impossible to tell which) that covered pretty much the entire surface. Thanfully there is nothing in that room at the moment or it would be covered too (I did have to wipe down more than one wall).

Well Polly is sleeping now. I will soon take them out for one last chance to potty and then head to bed. I might shut my bedroom door for a change so that if Polly has a blow-out, at least it won't be on carpet.

Tomorrow we start the 4 day HauteTRACS USDAA trial. It's a team even tomorrow and Polly is on a team with the best boxer in the world (aside from him), Cammi. I hope he'll be ok to run! Cammi and Polly have a history of bad things happening when they try to team. The first time Cammi had to pull due to spondylosis. The 2nd time Polly pulled because he was recovering from pneumonia.

Will the 3rd time be cursed as well? Will Polly not be able to run tomorrow? Will he bea able to run but be painfully, unqualifyingly slow due to glycoflex poisoning?

Check back tomorrow to find out!

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