Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's so great about being Canadian?

On my way in to target today I was accosted by a highschool student who asked me if I was registered to vote.

"No? Do you want to be?" He asked with a sudden light in his eye.

"Well yeah, but I'm Canadian! I can't vote!"

As I walked through the automated sliding doors he shouted after me, "Cool!"

Cool? What's so cool? I guess I should have asked.

On my way OUT of Target a totally DIFFERNT highschool student accosted me and asked, "Are you registered to vote?"

"No," I replied as I kept walking towards my car.

"Do you want to be??" he asked as I walked past him, trying to prevent the unregistered fish from slipping his net.

"I can't! I'm Canadian!" I shouted over my shoulder.

"Cool! I want to be Canadian!"

Ok, a couple of things are odd here. One is the fact that highschool kids still use the word "cool". I used that word when *I* was in highschool and I'm pretty sure I wasn't ahead of my time. The second thing that is wrong has to be the fact that they both of those teens thought it was "cool" to be Canadian and at least one of them wanted to BE canadian. WHY??

As a Canadian I can tell you it's not so different than being american!

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