Thursday, April 10, 2008

Haute TRACS day 1

Well today didn't start well at all for me.  As I arrived people were walking so I was way behind.  Thankfully I got the special parking privileges where all you had to do was pay out your ass.  

The running order for our group was Snooker, Gamblers, Standard, Jumpers.  Not bad in the grand scheme of things, although it would have been best to have gamblers first.  
But regardless, Icon was one of the first dogs up for snooker and I was really discombobulated for this run.  Snooker was 4 rings away from where I was set up.  I had thought Apollo was first and got him to the ring as the first 26" dogs started.  When I realized I had the wrong dog I had to run back to my setup to get Icon and then run back.  So, that's my excuse for screwing up the run.  But screw up I did!  We got 8 points!  Yay!

But the bright side of getting 8 points in snooker is that there's nowhere to go but up, right?  WRONG!

Our next run Icon and I managed to get 0 points in gamblers!  It was pretty impressive.  The only way you could get 0 points in gamblers (aside from not doing any obstacles at all) was to be on the aframe when the whistle blew.  And guess where we were?  Right on the a-frame!

But wait, I know you're wondering, "but what about Apollo??"  You need to know how he fared after his bingeing session yesterday!  Well he did pretty well actually!  We did a conservative run in snooker with 3 reds and a 5-7-4 but we got through the close.  In gamblers we also had a pretty nice but conservative run.  I need to check the scores for both of those, but I don't think we placed.  

In Standard Polly was really good, but I messed him up for an E. :(  In JWW we had a nice run aside from a refusal when I pulled away from him too soon.

In Standard Icon had a pretty nice run and I think he won it.  But I wasn't too happy with his contacts, they were pretty slow.

In Jumpers Icon had a pretty nice run as well!  And he won again!  We had a wide turn at the beginning, but otherwise I was pretty happy with it.

So how did it end?  Both teams were in the Q's going into the relay (no thanks to me!)  Boxer's (d)Rule with Apollo and Cammi were the second last team in the Q list.  Icon's team was a bit better off, about 3/4 of the way down.  For the relay Icon't wait to see Jace win the Derby went first.  Icon ran clean and then Jace ran clean.  Sadly, Derby had an E but it was on the first jump so our time was pretty good since she went over the finish jump right away.  Next Polly's team went.  Polly had a bar down and Cammi was clean!

So we ended up with a q for each team :)  That was Icon's 2nd for 2008 and Polly's first for natioanls!  This means when I go up to Canby (or should I say 'if') I won't enter Polly in team.  It's a lot for him!

So tomorrow starts the regular classes and GP.   Our main goals for the rest of the weekend are to get Polly's last Snooker Q for his APD and Icon's last Standard Q for his MAD.  Of course any other Q's are appreciated :)

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