Monday, April 7, 2008

Davis DTC trial

We were at an akc trial this weekend and had a pretty good time.  

On Saturday Polly got Std and dropped a bar in JWW :(.  Icon had a nice Std run, but was called on his teeter.  I don't really think he deserved to be called, but what can you do?  At least it wouldn't have been a qq since our JWW run was a total disaster.  I actually went home a bit bummed about Icon's day.  How did we go from a 75%+ Q rate to a 25%- Q rate??  Although, I really considered Saturday Std a virtual Q since I was happy with the run and didn't feel the teeter should have been called.

Icon Saturday Standard

But Sunday was a happier day for us.  Icon got a qq!  Yay!  I was really happy with both of his runs.  Or should I say, all three of his runs.  The timer fizzled out on his first JWW run so he was able to run again for time.  He ran clean the second time and got first place by a second over Maja.  

Icon Sunday Standard

Icon's JWW run #1

Icon's JWW run #2 - a bit smoother!

Polly had a nice std run with a 3rd place finish (but look at how long I held his contacts!).  I sent him off course on his JWW and it was totally my fault.  I'm sure of this because people were asking me if I got lots.  A sure sign that it LOOKED like I was trying to send him over the wrong jump!

Polly Sunday Standard

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