Friday, April 4, 2008

Hansen practice

I met with a couple of agility people (4 to be exact) today to do some WT course work at PP.  I guess only one of them is going to WT tryouts with me.  From the others, one of them is on the Argentina team.  I thought she'd go just for the experience, but when I asked her today, she can't!  WT tryouts is just for teams eligible for WT.  They're not eligible because they were on the Argentina team last year.  I guess it makes sense because otherwise anyone with the requirements would just enter for no reason other than to show that they can compete.  Then I asked her if she would go as the demo dog (at WT and tryouts they always have a demo dog as the first dog so no dog competing has to go first) and she said she would, but no one asked her.  It's a shame because I think she would be a great demo dog!  And then the 3/4 person (a couple) isn't going because they didn't realize that AKC increased the tryout requirements to include 4 qq's until it was too late, they had taken most of the year off to work on contacts.  That's a shame too because it's a great dog.

Anyway, we had a good practice.  We set up 2 JWW course and a standard course from the Hansen courses.  Both of the JWW courses were tight tight tight.  It's possible that they were converted wrong because in my conversion it's 100 ft long, but I don't think we went 100 ft when we built it.  

SP 3.gif 395�39 pixels

The 2nd course was tight as well, but it ran much more smoothly than the previous one. I think the previous one was the agility3 course and this one was the open course. I don't know the difference but open in general seems to be easier to me.


The standard course seemed pretty early to me, but this is the one we messed up :(. Icon popped out of the weaves the first time through and then I got discombobulated. I eventually started again and it went well. He had a great dogwalk contact (a-frame, not so good). I handled 19-20 on the back side of the tunnel once, but according to this photo it would be a refusal. I didn't cross the refusal line of the jump when I tried it though, I think this is because the tunnel was shorter. I also did the course with threadles instead of a serpentine at the top part.

AG 3.gif 395�39 pixels

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