Monday, April 28, 2008

WT Tryouts, here we come!

We leave for WT tryouts on Thursday. If my life wasn't so crazy right now I might start being nervous about it! But, alas, work has managed to exhaust all of my worrying and nervous capabilities. Both of my projects are starting to spiral out of control. If I wasn't taking time off work for agility, I could probably get things back together, but thinking about the time I'm taking off this week and in the 3rd week of May just makes me want to crawl into a hole and not come out until the fall. All of our issues are on the development side of things, I have SQAs pretty much twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to do and I'm scrambling to keep them occupied.

The ounce of worrying ability left over from work has been taken up by the fact that Nancy is coming to visit me next week and my house isn't ready (I don't even know if the new bed will arrive before she does!), not to mention I won't even be able to work late while she's here so there I will be getting further behind. And of course I will be drunk whenever I'm not at work so I probably won't feel the greatest either! I have tonight and Wednesday to pack for tryouts and clean my house for the ex (who is watching Foster and Apollo while I'm gone)

AND, to make matters worse I think Foster might have broken his toe on Saturday at the park. Everything was fine but as we were leaving I looked down and there was blood covering his foot (and some of my shoe too!). He walked home fine and then I washed the blood off in the back yard and it looked like he came close to ripping his nail off. The blood was oozing out from around the entire nailbed. It seemed firmly attached though so I thought I'd just let it heal. But as of Saturday afternoon he started limping. He has been limping since so this morning I called to make a vet appointment for him. I'm taking him in at 6:40 (oops, I guess I can't pack or work tonight either!) and I have a sinking feeling that he broke his toe :(

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