Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A stubbed toe

Well Foster just has a stubbed toe, nothing broken. That's good I guess. I just wish I hadn't taken him to the vet now! Oh well, at least I feel better about his toe. Now I know I did the wrong thing, otherwise I would have wondered... An interesting thing the vet saw on his x-ray is that he has really bad arthrisits around the first joint of his toes. Before the x-ray she only manipulated the toe (he showed pain). After the x-ray she came in all sure of herself. She showed me the x-ray and said she suspected that the toe wasn't REALLY the problem, that it was the arthritis bothering him! So she manipulated his foot a bit higher up where she saw it and, voila! Nothing. No pain at all. Then she moved down about an inch to the tip again and he yelped. So much for that theory. But she said she'll have the radiologist look at it anyway.

But it's odd because every time I have Foster or Apollo x-rayed the vets see something abnormal. For Foster he was x-rayed when he had a GI blockage and he didn't present like a GI blockage at all, although both vets (we went to our regular vet and then a specialist) said it looked "odd". When Apollo was x-rayed for what turned out eventually to be pneumonia, the vet (who was admittedly very young and probably inexperienced - and rather cute) said it looked like bloat. He had nothing like bloat!

Anyway, Foster isn't limping too much anymore and hopefully by Friday or so Jay will be able to take him to the park. I just hope he doesn't let him do too much.

I only have one day left of work before leaving for tryouts and I had soooo much work to do. I should really be getting ready for work now but I'm avoiding it. I still have a lot of work to do at home to get ready for the trip, not to mention getting ready for Nancy's visit. But I'm trying not to think about that. I'll worry about it when I get back from minnesota.

Anyway, I'm starting to look forward to tryouts. I'm a little nervous but not so much. I feel relatively prepared, or at least as prepared as I can get! Sandy gave me some good advice last night that I've been telling myself lately, but it's definitely good to hear it from someone else to reinforce how important it is. When I'm at tryouts I have to handle Icon like he's not quite as trained as I like. It's not the place to assume that he knows his weave entries so leave him to it. It's better to overhandle than underhandle! I also have to remember that I can't really move laterally from him in the 24" poles since he can tend to pop out of those.

Sandy set up a hansen course for class last night and we ran it brilliantly, if I do say so myself! (I know, modesty at it's best). I was able to successfully overhandle the weave entry with a front cross after the jump followed by rear-crossing the poles. It worked nice though!

Last weekend I went to PP to practice some courses. Lena with Fia the boxer came to help me set courses, which was really nice of them! It was really hot and they had to make it to a conformation show by noon (and they were almost late for it!).

We were able to set up a std course and 2 jumpers courses. Lena taped two of my runs.

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