Thursday, April 3, 2008

My weirdo border collie

I took the dogs to the park last night to run and play. At one point I started to throw the ball for Icon and then turned in towards him expecting him to turn in towards me (you know, like a front cross!). Instead he flipped away from me. Not liking this mother flipping behavior I stopped and *gasped*. That's all, just *gasped*. Well apparently that was the end of the world. He laid down and put his ears back. For the rest of the time at the park he wouldn't chase the ball unless I released him to it. I didn't want to get sucked into the trap of releasing him to the ball every time we went to the park so I totally refused (I had been through this issue with him before when learning the weaves). But I couldn't get him to chase the ball anymore! I tried throwing it close and just giving a shove toward it and he'd get it and I tried throwing it right at him and he'd catch it but the second I through any major distance away he would just stand there and stare. The closest thing that worked was for me to throw the ball and then totally ignore him until he got tired of waiting and went to get it at a trot. But I really felt bad for the guy because I could tell he was confused and just wanted to do the right thing. He had no clue why I *gasped* earlier. I guess he thought it was wrong for him to go after the ball!

As soon as we got home and into the back yard I took the balls out of my pocket and tossed them on the ground. He was happy to chase them there. What a dork.

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